Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

So I really, really, really enjoy buffalo wing sauce. I never fail to annoy my husband when we are at BW3s or another wing place, by ending our order by locking eyes with our server, raising an index finger in the air and in my most sincere and polite voice asking, “could I please have an extra side of buffalo sauce?”   My lingering stare at the server indicates that this is a very important request, not to be taken lightly.  My husband usually shakes his head and mumbles something that resembles the words ‘high maintenance’  (I ignore it — we’ve been married over 10 years).  Not only do I need my wings to be dripping in sauce, I really like to dunk every french fry or buffalo chip in that darn sauce until my mouth is burning with joy.  I’m not sure how I developed my love for spicy foods…..certainly not from my family.  It’s the familiar story of kid who was deprived of a certain item and then went gangbusters for it when she was finally allowed to get it.  Anyway, enough about that!  The Super Bowl descended upon us last weekend and of course I had my mind set on buffalo sauce….but I didn’t particularly care if we had wings or not (wings are just a conduit for the sauce anyway).   I thought some type of easy to eat, less messy finger food was in order.  Egg rolls!  I had seen a Pinterest post months ago for buffalo chicken egg rolls and dismissed it at the time.  I went searching and sure enough found what I was looking for.  I adapted  the recipe to my own tastes but kept it pretty simple – shredded buffalo chicken, diced celery and crumbled blue cheese; bake them instead of fry them…healthiER I like to think.  And then dip away in a good quality buttermilk ranch, some chunky blue cheese dressing or if you are a glutton for punishment like me, some more buffalo sauce.

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Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls (Makes appx. 30 rolls)


1 package egg roll wrappers, (Nasoya brand has about 21 wraps per pkg, so maybe buy an extra pack)

3 boneless skinless chicken breasts, cooked and shredded

¾-1 cup Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce

4 oz crumbled blue cheese

1 pkg celery, diced

Dip: Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce, Blue Cheese Dressing, and/or Buttermilk Ranch


To cook the chicken, put chicken breasts in a large pan of cold water.  Bring to boil , then simmer for about 15 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.  Drain and let cool before shredding.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Lay egg roll wrappers on clean dry surface such as a cutting board.  In large bowl, combine shredded chicken and Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce.  In front of you, place the bowl of diced celery, the bowl of crumbled blue cheese, the bowl of Frank’s shredded chicken and a small bowl of water.


Place egg roll wrapper so it makes a diamond shape.  Begin by placing some celery, then some blue cheese and top with shredded chicken.  To wrap the roll, fold bottom corner up, left corner in, right corner in, then wet your index finger in the water and rub water on top corner before rolling the rest of the egg roll up (see pictures).  Repeat with all egg rolls.  Place the rolls on a wire rack set on top of a large cookie sheet.  Spray the wire rack with cooking spray.  Spray each egg roll with cooking spray or brush with oil.  Bake 12-15 minutes or until the egg rolls are crisp and golden brown.

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Adapted from Can You Stay For Dinner Blog

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