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In 38 years, I’ve acquired two degrees, lived in three states, married one man, birthed two daughters, owned one pet, and spent countless hours thinking about what is for dinner.  Truth be told, I’m a little obsessive about it and it’s nothing to be proud of!  But that said, I am a very proud and enthusiastic home cook!  By profession, I am a high school history teacher.  I spent years teaching United States History and World History but a few years ago I set that aside in the interest of my family.

Photo Credit: Grogan Studios

Photo Credit: Grogan Studios

I love being home with my kids.  As every stay at home Mom knows, it is a busy life, but busy in a different way than working — volunteer work, play dates, cooking, cleaning, trips to and from preschool and elementary school, long days home with sick kids, lots of coloring books and crafts, card games, homework…..  I know I am doing good work, day in and day out, but sometimes I wonder what I have to show for it (except of course two lovely, intelligent, fairly well adjusted kids).  I must admit that I have a nagging need to be physically productive each and every day – to have something to “show for it.”  I think this is why I love to cook a great meal for my family.

Ten random things about me:

1. I am born and bred in Columbus, Ohio 5 minutes from The Ohio State University — went to the University of Michigan for undergrad (if you live in the midwest you know what this means!).  Found my way back to OSU for grad school….

2. I spent three wonderful years in San Diego, California (Oceanside and then Hillcrest/Mission Hills) with my husband prior to having children — phenomenal experience!  El Cuervo’s breakfast burrito is, hands down, the best in the business!!!

3. If I could dine with anyone living or dead?  No question about it….Abraham Lincoln!

4. I lived and studied in Florence, Italy while I was in college. No joke I gained about 10 lbs while I was there.  My favorite food memories from Italy….Aqua Al Due Ristorante in Florence, Pasta Arrabiata, Prosciutto and Blood Oranges.

5. I’m 1/4 Italian but I like to think that I’m more!

6. I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which affects approximately 15% of the general population.  My stomach cannot handle white flour…..and if I avoid it, I generally have no problems (my husband and I started eating whole wheat pasta years before it became fashionable). A plain white bagel is my nemesis!

7. I’m pretty domestic but I don’t sew and I hate to iron.

8. I have synthesia….my brain associates every letter, number, day of the week and month with a very specific color — the colors have remained the same since I was a child.  It’s odd but useful once in a while.

9. I have a very needy but loving 10 year old cat named Archie (any true Buckeye can figure out why we named him Archie).

10. I have a fantastic family and I married into a fantastic family!  I am appreciative every day for my support system.